Google My Business - 5 tips to improve your local SEO

Google My Business - 5 tips to improve your local SEO

Google My Business is certainly one of the opportunities in local SEO that you should prioritize.

Google has made a number of additions to its Google My Business service.

So here is the moment for me to present you my 5 simple tips to improve your local referencing with this free tool. If you haven't already done so, you can watch our sign-up tutorial.

5 ways to take every week on your Google My Business listing

  • Use a scheduler app to publish posts every week
  • Go at least once a week to visit your Google My Business page;
  • Fill in all the information about yourself;
  • Enable messaging on your page;
  • Use the Google My Business mobile application.

1. You should publish posts and new images at least 3 times a week

Use Gimby to schedule, automate and set recurring GMB posts and images at least 3 times a week.

This will give valuable social signals to Google and it will help with your Google My Business rankings.

Plus, because GMB posts expire after 7 days, it's very convenient to have a scheduler that allows recurring posts so you don't have to do it manually every time.

2. Once a week, put these suggestions into action

Having a presence on Google Maps is not enough to improve your local SEO.

Too often, business people sign up, validate their listing, and then leave their listing adrift.

As with any SEO or social media strategy, it is imperative to create a time during the week for self-promotion.

The tips I present here for your Google My Business listing are simple and will only take you 30 minutes at most per week.

If you apply them, you will see your local referencing increase significantly.

3. Check and complete your Google My Business listing information

When you log into your Google My Business dashboard, you'll have a section that allows you to view your profile when it's displayed in Google Maps, as well as in Google search results.

Be sure to check all the details you should fill in.

The hours of operation as well as the links to a website or the list of services or products you offer are all information that you cannot leave incomplete.

Do you have an online store?

A transactional website?

Don't neglect to list it.

People like to be able to rely on the opening hours of your website, so be on the lookout for holidays, vacations, special opening hours, etc.

4. Enable messaging and use the Google My Business application

We'll come back to the app, but at least make sure you enable the messaging feature offered by Google My Business.

This is, like Facebook's Messenger, an opportunity to receive messages from people who visit your listing during a Google search and take the chance to answer their questions.

5. Use the Google My Business mobile application

The mobile application offered by Google gives you full access and rights to manage your business listing.

It's a good idea to download it, so you can update your listing and respond to people who are looking for your product or service and want to send you a message.